Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to the Scholarship Class

It is always exciting to start a new class!! I love new beginnings.

Please get in the habit of checking my blog everyday (except Saturdays and Sundays) for tips on requesting letters of recommendation; writing your personal essay; and general information relating to scholarships.

On occasion, I may write general directions for the class such as meeting in a different room or new directions on an assignment. On some days, I may do a little coaching on time management and organization. On other days, I may share an inspirational message.

Presently, there are several scholarship deadlines coming up in March. Namely, Pathways to Success, NOW (Nat'l Organization of Women and the COD Scholarship will be available on March 17th. The Girl Friend Factor is due the beginning of April and the LaQuinta Visual Art scholarship has an April 9, 2010 deadline.

I'm so glad to have you in class. Let's make this the best semester ever for winning scholarships.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your commitment to those that seek guidemce and higher education. You should know that the community on campus,including faculty and students, hold you in high regards.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the typo, it just shows that we need to spellcheck everything.

The Search for Scholarships said...

Thank you kindly. I appreciate your comment.