Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome to the Fall 2011 Scholarship Classes

Hi, Once the fall semester starts, I will BLOG everyday with the exception of the weekends. Very important to check often. For those of you who are registered and on the waiting list for the Scholarship Classes, please start by purchasing your books--tomorrow I will post information on where to find your required materials at a reasonable price.

For now, check out my website ( become familiar with what is available. Start finding 3 to 4 people (instructors, counselors, principal, boss) who will write Letters of Recommendation for you. On my website under downloads, you will find the Guidelines for Writing a Letter of Recommendation and a sample letter on Requesting a Letter of Recommendation.

A lot is happening during the first few weeks of class, you'll have a better chance of staying ahead of the game by taking care of your letters of recommendation.