Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I got the sense yesterday that many students are interested in the hardcopy of the portfolio versus the electronic version. Since I held back on putting together portfolios for the bookstore, I will need to order the necessary supplies from Office Depot before three o’clock this afternoon. (I need a delivery from Office Depot tomorrow in order to assemble over the weekend.)

Please advise if you want to buy the portfolio alone and rent a book or buy the whole packet with the book. You’ll save money renting the book and buying the portfolio separately.

You have the option of putting your own portfolio together, but it must look exactly like the original. Directions are located in You can also look in

Look forward to seeing you in class tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome back!

Welcome to the first day of classes at the College of the Desert!!

Here are two money sources which apply to most students. One is a scholarship and the other a contest--start being alert to essays which are listed in many magazines. The good thing about contests is that you don’t need Letters of Recommendation, a good GPA nor financial need which means that more students are eligible.

The students in my scholarship class will be required to turn in one scholarship at each class meeting. I will need to see a printout of a scholarship for which you qualify. If you are serious about winning money for your education, you must be focused and spend a minimum of two hours a week searching for scholarships.

Please go to Google:
Scholarship: Short and Tweet Scholarship—the deadline is September 30, 2011
Essay: is September 15, 2011

There now, part of your assignment for this week has been done for you.