Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pathways to Success Scholarship

This scholarship has a March 17th deadline so please concentrate on this one first. You need to be a full time student to qualify (at least 12 units)and it is NEED based so you must qualify for financial aid.

Be sure that you complete and submit your FAFSA by midnight today, March 2. You can access the FAFSA application on the College of the Desert website--click on financial aid and follow the prompts.

Go to www.cvpts.com for the application for the Pathways to Success scholarship. Remember that you have the choice of applying electronically or the paper version. The important thing to remember is that everything MUST be together before you submit. In other words, the application packet must be complete when Pathways receives it.

Should you want a copy of the paper application immediately, we have copies in the Career/Transfer Center. They are located in the plastic rack under the sign, What Can I Do With This Major?

In addition, you need two letters of recommendation. Please ask a couple of professors or someone who works on campus if they will feel comfortable writing a letter of recommendation for you. You can download the directions on my website www.findingmoneyforcollege.com--submit a completed Personal Data Form, Scholarship Resume, unofficial transcripts and a letter requesting a Letter of Recommendation.

If you want your unofficial transcripts before tomorrow, please come into counseling and someone at the front desk will print a copy. Otherwise, I'll put a copy in your folder for the class tomorrow.

Make an attempt to start writing your personal essay but,on Monday,March 8th, I will do a class presentation on Letters of Recommendation and the Personal Essay.

You have fifteen days before the deadline so please do not waste a minute in getting started but, don't panic either. Come see me if you need help. You can get it done in time if you use your time wisely.

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Jennifer said...

I used this website to get my scholarship and financial aid from the US-government. Checkt it out here: