Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Education of Character

About twelve or thirteen years ago I discovered a book by Dr. Will Keim titled The Education of Character. I was so impressed by the content that I actually used this tiny little jewel as a textbook for the college success class that I taught.

It is so evident that this very important subject is no longer taught in school. Ask a young person for a definition of integrity, ethics and honesty and you get a glazed look. Why has such an important topic been eliminated from our schools?

Recently, I went online to see if Dr. Keim had written any other books and happily found some other titles by Dr. Keim. I'd like top share them with you. The following are a few that you might consider reading:
The Keys to Success in College and Life
The Truth About College (50 Lessons for Parents)
Life After College


Timothy Mc Henry said...

I think you are correct, Eve. I wonder if the teaching of character, or the lack thereof, and our current financial issues have a relationship one with the other.

The Search for Scholarships said...

Tim, Without a doubt. This is the very reason that I am revisting the potential for developing a class at COD which teaches character.