Monday, October 13, 2008

Are You Getting Your Money's Worth?

How many of you have signed up for classes and then chose not to attend on a regular basis? Did it occur to you that you are throwing money away?

It always baffles me when students apply to a college because they don't know what else to do. More often than I like to hear, students will tell me that they are not really into school.

Why go to a place you do not like? Why pay tuition, fees, and buy expensive books and then refuse to go to class or study? Do you have the answer? I'd love to hear from you.


Landa62888 said...

(Forgive my spelling & Grammar errors if any)

At the beginning of my academic career after high school, I was one of those few students who would actually sign up for class buy the book, waste all that money on transportation food and other miscellaneous school-related expenses for one simple reason, I was being told too.

Both my parents have obtained their degree and are blind and closed minded too any other forms of making a living, and I respect that for in the long run a degree is the best thing anyone can have. I didn’t realize what my goal in life was until I took some time off and did some soul searching and only then did I begin to take a true interest in school, I was being pushed into the medical field against my will in order to bring a sense of prestige to the family but I later knew my true calling was Engineering, a year and a half of my academic career was wasted with an immature sense of rebellion towards something that was going to benefit me but that my heart wasn’t in.

Students who have walked in my shoes have been pushed, and pushed to obtain a degree through education so much so that they begin to lie about having an interest in school in order to please their parents, when actually their hearts aren’t in it because they feel as though it is a chore instead of a personal choice and in a sense rebel by not showing up or putting an effort, money for school is the last thing on their mind seeing as the money will be coming out of their parents pockets.

So why go to a place you do not like? Why pay tuition, fees, and buy expensive books and then refuse to go to class or study? The answer is simple, nine times out of ten, it’s just to please Mommy and Daddy and keep the wool over their eyes in order to evade the “real world” for a few more years.


The Search for Scholarships said...

Thanks for your comment. You made a very valid point. This reinforces the importance of each student choosing a major based on what they love and not following someone else's passion.

Being good at something isn't even enough. Your future career should fulfill your interests, values and what your purpose in life is.