Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Test on October 2nd

Remember there will be a test on October 2, 2008. It will be based on reading assignments in the textbook, info on my blog, class discussions, and information presented by guest speakers. It is important to take notes. I realize that some information may not be relevant to you, but I expect you to take notes and that you be knowledgable about scholarship and money issues.

If you miss class, there are no makeups. Missing class is not a cool thing to do, but it is especially critical when there is an assignment due or a test scheduled. The first rule for being a successful student is to be there. Start reviewing now and not the night of October 1st.


Maria said...

Hey Ms. Eve Marie:
I read your blog, thanks for the information about the personal statement paragraph... See you in class;-)

The Search for Scholarships said...

We have a guest speaker today. See you later.