Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to the Classroom


For many of you, classes start back up tomorrow. It is the time for a fresh start--another chance to get organized and make a committment to your studies.

Hopefully, you have met with a counselor and given your academic goals some serious thought.

Although the main focus of this blog will be scholarships, I will, periodically, be wearing my counselor's hat and offering some friendly reminders. Are you as ready as you can be to start? Have you paid all your tuition and fees? Have you purchased all of your books and supplies? Have you applied for financial aid?

Tomorrow, I will write a bit about FAFSA. Please visit daily. Eve-Marie


Why? said...

So far this looks to be an exciting class. How great is the quest for free money...:)

The Search for Scholarships said...

It really gets exciting when students start winning scholarships.

Maria said...

Hi, Ms. Eve Mary, is the first time taking this class, so far it looks to be exciting class. Is so exciting that many students gets hundreds of money for their tuition expenses thanks to you and STDV class ... :-)

Maria said...

Hi Ms. Eve Mary:
Is the first time taking this class, Im so excited to be in your class, im pretty sure that I could qualify for scholarship thanks to you and your class. Thanks for creating this class, YOU ARE THE BEST :-)