Friday, September 2, 2011

Letters of Recommendation

Please start working on your request for letters of recommedation. Here is a checklist:
1. Select at least three people.
2. Make requests in person. (Do you feel comfortable writing a wonderful letter in my behalf?)
3. Write a formal letter with the request. See sample in downloads on my website--
4. Complete your personal data form--my website (downloads).
5. Complete your scholarship resume form--my website (downloads).
6. Printout a copy of "Guidelines for Writing Letter of Recommendation".
7. Once you have a personal essay, include it in the packet.
8. You'll need two white envelopes (8 1/2 X 11).
9. Give a deadline--two weeks is adequate.
10. Be prepared to frequently check on the status of your recommendation.
11. Once you receive your recommendation, send a thank you note or letter.
12. Go the extra step and include a bookmark, post-its or even a candy bar in your
thank you. Show your appreciation in some way, but don't go overboard.

Please stay on track and avoid being overwhelmed.

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