Sunday, November 8, 2009

Final Tip--Appearance of Personal Essay

The first impression that your essay will make on the reader is its appearance. To start, the paper should be white and at least 20 pound weight. It really isn't necessary to use cotton content nor does it need a watermark.

For an optimum visual impact, implement the following:

1. In the upper right corner of the header, type your name and your student ID#. As a precaution to identity theft, do NOT use your social security number.

2. On the center of the page, type Personal Essay.

3. Set your left and right margins at one inch.

4. Use full justification--it looks neat and visually pleasing.

5. Unless directed to double space, I prefer 1.5 spacing.

6. Keep spacing between paragraphs at 1.5, but indent each paragraph.

7. Use a tailored font such as Times New Roman or Arial. Size 12 or 14 font will work.

8. The average essay is two pages long (about 750 words).

9. Stay within the designated word count. It is better to go under than to exceed.

10. Above all else, follow their directions meticulously.

11. No staples.

12. Double check for punctuation and/or grammatical errors.

13. Your essay should look pristine--no corrections, no smudges no folds nor wrinkles.

14. Mail it along with your other documents in a white 9 X 12 envelope.

15. Allow at least three weeks prior to the deadline to submit.

16. Be sure you have put enough postage on the envelope.

17. Believe that you deserve to win. Good luck!!


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