Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Follow up on requests for letters of recommendation.

Receiving your letters of recommendation in a timely fashion will be one of the greatest challenges for scholarship students. Not only is it important to get those request packets out as quickly as possible but, you must stay on top of it.

Start off by writing down the deadline date and pointing it out to the person who will be writing on your behalf. Check back before a week is over to ask about the progress. Keep checking every few days.

Once you receive your written recommendation, send a thank note or letter to show your appreciation. In addition, include a nice bookmark, a packet of decorated post-its or a chocolate bar. Even a flower that you have picked from your garden shows gratitude.

The next step is to make several color copies and insert them in a sheet protector in your portfolio. Kinko's is open twenty four hours a day and it is located close by. Remember, the visual is very important and you want your application to stand out.

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ckennedy444 said...

Hello Eve Marie...I have my packets together but I did not recieve the three envelopes in my folder. I wrote that on the card in class so hopefully you will have some. I will try to find some if not.
Cody Kennedy